In my last therapy session I tried talking to my therapist about grey-asexuality, and I don’t think she really understood me; she knows about asexuality but I think grey-ace is a less-understood term. So I made some graphics in an attempt to explain it better.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

[EDIT: Note, I mostly used the Kinsey scale because people are already familiar with it, not because I think it’s the best. There have been a lot of valid criticisms made of the Kinsey scale, most prominently (to me) that it goes from ‘gay’ to ‘straight’, which includes some 1950’s baggage about gender. So if you want to be understandable to people outside the gender & sexuality community, then the Kinsey scale might be useful. Otherwise, there are other (and often better) ways to think about it.

tl;dr: if this presentation works for you, go with it. Otherwise, don’t use it. And that can vary from interaction to interaction.]

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